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Removals to France

Removals to FranceAccording to latest estimates about 150 000 Britons live currently in France and it may surprise you what areas are most popular. Our research shows that the majority of Britons move from the UK to Ile de France.

What's the reason behind? We do not know. Maybe because out of twenty two French regions this one has most inhabitants and it also is the richest area of the country? Or it may be because of Paris?

There are about 21 000 Brits living in Ile de France. Yes, the number is quite impressive. The demand for removals to France from the UK is also quite high. Only from London, on the monthly basis, we plan and organize about 20 moves.

So if you are looking for removals to France from London we will be happy to hear from you. Whether it is just a few personal items in moving boxes or the entire content of 3, 4 or 5 bedroom house we are the right international mover for the job to be done and dusted at affordable costs and at high quality standard.

The next region in France that is considered to be very attractive for people from England, Wales and Scotland is Midi Pyrenees. There are slightly less British expats – almost 14 000. The three next regions, taking the third, fourth and the fifth places, are Aquitaine with 12 900 UK emigrants (Bordeaux), Poitou Charente's – 11 230 (Poitiers, La Rochelle) and Brittany – with 10 400 (Rennes, Quimper, Vanes, St-Malo).

Moving to Paris

UK to France removals including ParisMost British families and individuals are moving to Paris. This is mainly due to a very reach job market. There is plenty of work for everyone in Paris, businessmen, managers, fashion designers, hair dressers, waiters, bankers etc.. You probably wonder how many Britons live in Paris?

Well, there are approximately 9 000 of them. This figure takes in to account only families and singles living in Paris indefinitely. There are also a lot of young people relocating to France to get a Master of Science degree. That's why on our offer you can find student removals services.

Apart from Paris we also offer removals to Dordogne, Alpes-Maritime, Charente and anywhere you want.

Other significant number of British populations emigrates to Arles, Marseille and Perpignan. Many of them have immigrated to France in the period after the World War II and in the 80's. For people moving back to the UK from France we also offer relocation services at very attractive rates.

Cheap London to France removals

We do not move just to Paris! There are over 800 towns and cities in France and we offer removals from London and UK to all of them Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, just to name a few.

Our international movers to France will also transport your furniture and belongings from any region of the UK not just from the Greater London area.

France has a well-developed network of highways. However, more than 8500 km are toll motorways. To improve the speed of the delivery we use these roads. For example, the cost of driving a removal vehicle to Paris via toll roads is around 60 Euros (one way).

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